On the 1st of January 2017, VKB Agriculture, well-known agricultural business in South-Africa, and Sensako, cultivator of distinguished grain cultivars for years, has joined forces to take the supply of grain seed to the next level. This new joint venture will be known as Senseed and shares in Senseed will be held in equal parts by Sensako and VKB. For almost 100 years the VKB Agriculture Group has been involved in the supply of agricultural inputs to agricultural producers. VKB strives to supply all inputs to its clients.  The main inputs that determine the profitability of an agricultural producer are seed, fertiliser, fuel, financing, mechanisation services, chemicals, forage and packaging materials. Thus, these are the focus areas in which VKB wants to add value for its clients. [Read more]

Speciality Products

Grazing Crops | Weidingsgewasse

Forage sorghum  | Voersorghum 
Silage maize  | Kuilvoer mielies
Feed barley  | Voergars 
Teff  | Tef 
Weeping love grass  | Oulandsgras 
Fodder radish  | Japanese radys
Cowpeas  | Akkerbone 
Vetch  | Weiwieke 
Smutsfinger grass  | Smutsvinger 

Senseed Rye | Rog

SSR 729


  • Hay grass - on occasions it is used for grazing as well. 
  • Leafy with fine stems - makes it excellent for hay production.  
  • Suitable for Subtropical and temperate climates. 
  • Plant under dry land conditions where an annual rainfall of approx 400 mm is recieved. 
  • Highest yields are obtained in areas with an annual rainfall of >600 mm. 
  • Planting time is Mid October to mid-January
  • Sowing rate of 10 - 15kg/ha (broadcast) - firm and fine seedbed is an absolute requirement 
  • It is advisable to roll the seedbed both before and after planting.  
  • Quick to establish - can be ready for hay making within 65 - 75 days.  
  • Adapted to most soil types. 
  • Avoid soils that are prone to waterlogging.


  • Hooigras - per geleentheid ook as voergewas gebruik. 
  • Blaarryk met fyn stamme - maak dit uistekend vir hooi produksie.  
  • Aangepas by Subtropiese en gematigde klimate 
  • Plant onder droëlandtoestande ingebiede met 'n gemiddelde jaarlikse reënval van 400mm. 
  • Hoogste opbrengste word gekry in gebiede met 'n jaarlikse reënval van >600 mm. 
  • Planttyd strek van middel Oktober tot middel Januarie
  • Saaidigtigheid van 10 - 15kg/ha (breedwerpig) - ferm en fyn saadbed is 'n absolute vereiste
  • Rol van die saadbed word voor en na plant  aanbeveel.  
  • Vinnig om te vestig - eerste hooi kan binne  65 - 75 dae reeds afgehaal word.  
  • Aangepas by die meeste grondtipes
  • Vermy gronde wat tot versuiptoestande geneig is.

Eragrostis curvula (Weeping love grass) 

  • Sowing Rate: 8kg per hectare.
  • Planting Time: September to March
  • Eragrostis curvula is used commonly for haymaking.
  • Mixed together with Teff - first year of haymaking uses Teff , from year 2 the E curvula is used.

Eragrostis curvula (Oulandsgras) 

  • Saaidigtigheid: 8kg per hektaar.
  • Planttyd: September to March
  • Eragrostis curvula word algemeen gebruik om hooi te maak.
  • Word dikwels met Teff gemeng - eerste jaar hooi kom van die Teff, en van die twede jaar word die E curvula gebruik.