On the 1st of January 2017, VKB Agriculture, well-known agricultural business in South-Africa, and Sensako, cultivator of distinguished grain cultivars for years, has joined forces to take the supply of grain seed to the next level. This new joint venture will be known as Senseed and shares in Senseed will be held in equal parts by Sensako and VKB. For almost 100 years the VKB Agriculture Group has been involved in the supply of agricultural inputs to agricultural producers. VKB strives to supply all inputs to its clients.  The main inputs that determine the profitability of an agricultural producer are seed, fertiliser, fuel, financing, mechanisation services, chemicals, forage and packaging materials. Thus, these are the focus areas in which VKB wants to add value for its clients. [Read more]


Sunflower | Sonneblom

SY 3970 CL

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